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Life in North Cyprus

For those who are looking for a new life, a new adventure or a new beginning. There are many reasons for starting a new life in Cyprus without going too far while the number of people looking for alternatives to living abroad has increased in recent periods. We have listed 12 of them for now.

1. A quiet and peaceful life

Especially if you live in a big city, forget the stressful, tiring life that you have been living up to now, you can expect life in Cyprus that you can spare time, find peace and live without fear.

2. There is no foreign language problem

Most of the locals can speak English language and there are many English and Russian services providing help for new-settlers.

3. Do not deal with new currencies

Although it is a different country, English Pound, American Dolar and Euro are commonly used in the market. There are many currency shops and banks suitable for currency exchange.

4. Do not pay a fortune for your home

While real estate prices are very high in many countries, you can have your dream home in North Cyprus, at prices well below than your home country.

5. A warm life where the sun is always shining

In Cyprus, where winter months are very short and warm, under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, have a bliss that the sun always smiles at you.

6. University diploma is still valuable

In North Cyprus, all University Diplomas, including medicine, law and engineering, remain valid.

7. You will forget what the traffic-jam is

Except for very special circumstances, you are not likely to experience traffic jam in Cyprus. You will also be amazed by the care and respect that the drivers in the traffic show to pedestrians.

8. A safe and comfortable life

Wherever you are in Cyprus, you will see that people travel comfortably alone or with friends at night when they want. Do not be surprised if you see a car parked in front of the market with the motor still running, and all the doors/windows of the house open while sleeping.

9. Do not be bothered with Visa procedures

While many countries have difficulty in securing their residence permits, you will immediately have the right to live in Cyprus when you buy a home. Moreover, you only need to come to the country with your passport in order to receive your 90-day initial visa.

10. Live with warm, happy and educated people

When you are setting up your new life with the warm and pleasant people and the influence of living in the Mediterranean, you will take a step into a high-quality life where the education level is higher than Turkey and many European countries.

11. Far but so close

With the living conditions and features in Cyprus, it is very easy to reach your friends and family in other counties thanks to the constant flights throughout the day. (1-hour flight to Turkey).

12. Avertiss's expertise is on your side for you to have the most suitable dream home in your new life.

With the widest and exclusive real estate portfolio in North Cyprus, Avertiss Exclusive will help you, with professional teammates, for your dream home.