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Investment in North Cyprus

Due to the increase in investments, students and population in recent years, North Cyprus offers an opportunity not to be missed especially, in order to make investments that will earn you a lot of profit in the short term. In this article, we will briefly brief you on these opportunities.


1. A continuous and rapid increase in North Cyprus property prices

North Cyprus has shown an annual average increase of 30% in the real estate sector, especially in recent years, with favourable developments in the real estate and construction sectors.

2. Significant increase in the number of university and active students

Significant increase in the number of university and active students. North Cyprus is a country in which the education sector has a very important place with the number of students and the number of developed universities and long-term education. In recent years, the number of universities has increased to 18, with newly opened universities. This number will rise to 26 with the universities whose permits have been completed and are expected to start education soon. Today, the number of active students in the TRNC has exceeded 100 thousand and this number is increasing by 12 - 15% every year.

This situation is causing serious opportunities for real estate, investment areas and increasing the economy of the country.

3. Growing tourism sector

The tourism sector, which is one of the locomotive sectors of Northern Cyprus, has been growing in recent years with the investments in airports, hotels and touristic facilities, especially Turkey and foreign-invested, and provides a significant increase in the demand for real estate.

4. New Urban Planning and Zoning Regulations and number of special projects increasing in Nicosia and Kyrenia

Construction of very profitable projects for luxury, exclusive, modern investment in Kyrenia and Nicosia cities has started and continues with the changing rates of zoning permits in 2016. Real estate investments to be made in such projects are beginning to make profits to the investor during construction. In addition, the ongoing expiration of the permits provides opportunities for new project investments.

5. British Sterling, the most widely used currency in the North Cyprus real estate sector, has declined to its lowest level in recent years

The decline in British Sterling, in particular as a result of developments in the EU, has made real estate investment more attractive in Northern Cyprus. Experts are constantly stating that this situation is not particularly persistent, which suggests that this should be assessed as soon as possible

6. Facilities provided to increase foreign investment

There are many advantages for the state in order to increase the foreign investment rate and contribute to growth in Northern Cyprus. The provision of residence permits for real estate purchases facilitates many bureaucratic transactions such as facilitating transactions with company citizenship, easy citizenship.

7. Special applications for Turkey in the presence of many Turkish Banks in North Cyprus and therefore instalments for real estate and investment

The fact that many Turkish Banks in Northern Cyprus have branches in all the cities have opened the way for providing loans in special conditions for all the investments to be made here, both in terms of financial transactions and facilitated the application process for these loans from Turkey.

8. The New Airport project and the ever-increasing potential of North Cyprus

It is targeted that the enlargement and renovation works of Ercan Airport, which is no longer able to meet the ever-increasing number of passengers in Northern Cyprus, the capacity will be increased to 3 times in a short time. This one important data and other developments show the growth of Northern Cyprus in recent years. This also provides a wide range of potential opportunities in North Cyprus, in real estate and construction sites, and also incorporate investments.

9. Water Project and opportunities

Water, one of the biggest problems in the agriculture and usage of North Cyprus, has been solved by the Water Project, which has been completed with the great contributions of Turkey and has provided a serious relaxation in the business sectors where daily use, agriculture and water are important raw materials.

10. Large harbour and marina projects built or under construction in different regions

In particular, port and marina projects in the region of Kyrenia and Karpaz continue to increase real estate values, investment opportunities and regional development speed in the region.