Avertiss Exclusive Real Estate

About Us

Avertiss Real Estate Ltd. was established in North Cyprus in 2015.  The Founder of Avertiss is Dengiz Kürşat, a long-established Real Estate Broker in the North Cyprus Property market with over 17 years of luxury property sales experience.

Dengiz Kürşat started Brokering Northern Cyprus Real Estate in 2003 by bringing the first RE/MAX Franchise to Cyprus, both north and south. After 12 years of serving as a franchisee, in 2015 Dengiz Kürşat decided to form the first North Cyprus Franchisor Company in Real Estate and hence, Avertiss was born.

Real Estate in North Cyprus is a ‘Local Business’ with the needs of international connections know-how and partners.  Avertiss North Cyprus Real Estate combined its extensive North Cyprus Real Estate Industry connections with its international Real Estate business partnerships and connections accumulated over the years. 

Avertiss has the added advantage of being able to function in all of the Northern Cyprus property markets including Kyrenia Real Estate, Nicosia Real Estate, Famagusta Real Estate, Iskele real Estate and Lefke Real Estate. 

Furthermore, Avertiss has formed international partners in countries such as Turkey, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Israel. 

Therefore, Avertiss enjoys a very competitive position and can market any North Cyprus property to the potential international buyers residing in the above countries.

Placing a significant emphasis in quality control and customer satisfaction, Avertiss became the first Northern Cyprus Properties company to obtain the ISO9001 certification in 2017.

Under its corporate umbrella, Avertiss North Cyprus Real Estate gives training to its own real-estate agents according to international standards which are also tailor-made for the conditions in the North Cyprus Property sector. Thus, while correctly analyzing the dynamics and market conditions in Northern Cyprus, it applies the “Think Global Act Local” principle by utilizing it is international real estate know-how and experience in marketing real estate. 

Additionally, Avertiss follows the most recent technologies, developments and methods in the field of Real Estate Marketing at all times, and adapts these to Northern Cyprus Properties in the most correct way, using them in order to obtain the most effective results in the North Cyprus Property Market.

In Avertiss, our goal is to attain an organizational structure which would give real estate marketing and sales services at various cities across Northern Cyprus. In order to be able to do so, we design our system accordingly, and continue to open new branches and franchise offices in the correct locations of Northern Cyprus.

Avertiss is a Registered Trademark in North Cyprus, Republic of Cyprus and in Turkey.

Services Provided (Some Through Associated Third Parties)

·        North Cyprus Property Sales

·        North Cyprus Property Rentals

·        North Cyprus Property Valuations (Expert Opinion)

·        North Cyprus Mortgages

·        North Cyprus Bitcoin Payments

·        North Cyprus Legal Services

·        North Cyprus Free Inspection Trips and Transfers

·        North Cyprus Hotel Accommodations

·        North Cyprus Property Insurance

·        North Cyprus Interior Design

·        North Cyprus Furniture Packages

·        North Cyprus White Goods and A/C Packages

·        North Cyprus Landscaping


The mission of Avertiss Real Estate is to demonstrate that with its decades of local expertise, underlying industry know-how, network, international connections, infrastructure, training and marketing technology, a world-class Real Estate Brokerage Franchise can be created in Northern Cyprus. 

Thus Avertiss Real Estate Franchise brand is positioned not only as a local brand in North Cyprus but also as a brand that will have success on an international scale.


To establish the most well known, respected and trusted North Cyprus Real Estate Agency / Brokerage Agency brand in the real estate sector of North Cyprus, which can operate in every city of the North Cyprus Real Estate Market and beyond.


Avertiss Real Estate Company became the first property company to receive ISO 9001 certificate in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The ISO9001: 2015 journey began in February 2016, and the company director Dengiz Kürşat was focusing on a management system based on international standards, so the work on the new version of ISO9001 has been initiated.

Avertiss Real Estate Agency has prepared a system that keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground on the 2015 revision, including risk management of ISO 9001, either as an electronic or human resource, through serious processes. We first completed the documentation control and audit, then the application control and finally received the certificate. 


As ISO 9001 acquires a continuous improvement mechanism and discipline for organizations and as an ISO 9001 certified organization, every problem is viewed as a remedy. It is more important to prevent the problem from repeating than to solve it.


    Increased quality awareness of employees

    Increasing the market reputation of the operator (prestige)

    Differentiating from competitors in marketing activities

    To benefit from the business advantages of obtaining a quality certificate with international validity

    Increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

    Reduced error rates, shrinkage, reprocessing

    Ensuring effective controls

    Convenience of selection, evaluation and follow-up of suppliers

    Convenience in determining and distributing authority and responsibilities within the enterprise

    Establishment of documentation (infrastructure) to ensure standardization of business activities

    Establishing the infrastructure to ensure that historical records are kept on a regular basis

    To be able to make situation analyzes in the direction of data and statistical measurements and to be able to use these analysis results in future decisions

    An important step towards institutionalization